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blue marble
2048 x 1024 pixels (148 K)
Land, Ocean Color, Sea Ice, City Lights
from the Blue Marble page at NASA's Earth Observatory.
light pollution
2000 x 1000 pixels (620 K)
from The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness
Colours correspond to ratios between the artificial 
sky brightness and the natural sky brightness of: 
<0.11 (black), 0.11-0.33 (blue), 0.33-1 (green), 1-3 (yellow), 3-9 (orange), >9 (red).

see the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute
and the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

Credit: P. Cinzano, F. Falchi (University of Padova), 
C. D. Elvidge (NOAA National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder). 
Copyright Royal Astronomical Society. Reproduced from the 
Monthly Notices of the RAS by permission of Blackwell Science.

This image was transformed to accurate global coordinates by Felix Andrews.
2000 x 1000 pixels (672 K)
"The Brilliant Earth"
Taken from Andrew Sumner's XGlobe/XPlanet maps page.
He says this is...
ANOTHER NIGHT MAP, created from the Earth & Moon Viewer
Copyright (C) The Living Earth.
2000 x 1000 pixels (970 K)
Taken from Andrew Sumner's XGlobe/XPlanet maps page.
This is his NIGHT MAP.
2000 x 1000 pixels (229 K)
(this is the default night map that comes with xplanet)

This is a scaled version of

Details about this file can be found at

This image is not copyrighted.
2000 x 1000 pixels (166 K)
Contributed by Jan Kaluza.

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